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The Shofar comes in various styles, such as a Ram Horn Shofar that is beautifully polished and has a natural finish.  They come in assorted sizes and some are engraved with Jewish symbols.  The tones from a Yemenite Shofar are different from others in that they are more powerful tones, inviting feelings of repentance.  They come in natural, polished, and decorated finishes.  The Israel Shofar are some of the most prized possessions of people today and come in natural, polished, or decorated finishes.There are several specific identifications for how the Shofar is blown.  The short blast is called the Tekiah, three short blasts are called the Shevarim, nine short blasts in succession is the Teruah, and the long blast is called the Tekiah-Gedolah.  Each of these blasts of the Shofar are used for special events for various ceremonies.
The shofar is one of the most important icons of the Jewish religion. The shofars are deeply connected with the Jewish religion and blowing of the yemenite shofar is considered extremely auspicious during the Jewish religious festivals. The shofar is especially blown during the Jewish festivals of Yom Kippur and Rosh Hashanah. Christians also use the shofars during religious ceremonies. You can find special shofar for sale in our website www.israelshofar.com.

Shofars Sound


Bigger the size better is the shofar sound. Hence it is advisable to choose a bigger shofar for a better shofar sound. The shofar is designated as big or small depending upon the size of the curvature and is not measured from tip to tip. It is important to have an idea abut the relative size of the shofar. Buy shofars for sale at our website.
Shofar sound also depends upon the shofar finish. There are various types of shofar finishes like natural, polished, half natural and half polished. Normally a polished shofar will produce a rich shofar sound. Hence it is important to consider all these aspects while purchasing a shofar and testing the shofar sound. Of course the more one practices playing the shofar the better one will get and the better will be the sound quality. But the basic rule is to choose the correct shofar and then use it accordingly. This way one can make the best use of the shofar and can create magic by playing this ancient Jewish musical instrument.


Shofar For Sale

Whenever you are buying a shofar there are few things which need to be considered. The more informed one is while buying a ram’s horn shofar the better will be the choice and hence better will be the quality of the ram’s horn shofar or the Yemenite shofars. The more info you find while buying a Yemenite shofar the better will be the selection of the Yemenite shofars. While buying a shofar it is advisable to select the right size. The shofar sound from the Yemenite shofar depends upon the way it is blown. Even person can blow a big Yemenite shofar. It all depends on each individual’s comfort level in blowing the Yemenite shofarYemenite shofar.

How to choose a shofar

The shofars are deeply regarded as a powerful Jewish symbol and the blowing of the shofar is considered as auspicious. During Jewish ceremonies and especially during the festivals of Rosh Hoshannah and Yom Kippur the blowing of shofar is mandatory for the Jews. Even today the techniques and tools used in making the ram’s horn shofar are the same as they were centuries ago and haven’t changed much since the Biblical times. Even Christian’s sometimes blow the ram’s horn shofar during religious ceremonies as a means to herald good luck.

The shofar is one of the most important icons of the Jewish religion and is deeply connected with the Jewish religion .Blowing of the ram’s horn shofar is considered extremely auspicious during the Jewish religious festivals. The shofar is especially blown during the Jewish festivals of Yom Kippur and Rosh Hashanah. Time hasn’t altered the structure of the ram’s horn shofar and it is still made and played as it was during the ancient times.

Shofar History

One of the instruments that is used throughout Hebrew Biblical times is the Shofar, which is used to usher in assorted holy days. Typically, the shofar is blown for a variety of Jewish religious ceremonies including Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. During Biblical times, the Shofar has its roots in the foundation of Israel. The instrument was first mentioned during the Exodus with Moses on Mount Sinai. . It announced the beginning of wars, was used as a musical instrument, and often used to announce processions for events.

There are certain religious musical instruments in the Jews Community that have been in vogue sine the ancient times. Yemenite Shofars are one of the traditional and religious instruments, which are played during the exclusive festivities of the Jews. The sound emanated from Yemenite Shofars is highly evident to ears and you can take note of it from a great distance.

Rosh Hashanah- Jewish New Year

The first of the Jewish High Holy Days is the Jewish New Year, also known as Rosh Hashanah, which means it’s the first month of their calendar. It is a huge celebration in Israel and of Jewish people throughout the world. There’s a lot of symbolism and tradition involved during the two days when Rosh Hashanah is celebrated. The actual term Rosh Hashanah doesn’t appear anywhere in the Torah, but it does appear in the Bible and is associated with Ezekiel in reference to the first month of the New Year. Rosh Hashanah also leads up to Yom Kippur which is considered to be one of the most sacred of the Jewish holy days because it is the Day of Judgment; a day in which the Jewish people remember their heritage and obligations to God.

On Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, shofar blowing is integrated in synagogue services. It is used to signal the end of the fast at Yom Kippur and is sounded at four specific junctures in the prayers at Rosh Hashanah. The Tokea is the expert who blows, blasts or sounds the shofar and being one is a great honor. It is a sacred office that every male Jew is eligible for, as long as he is accepted by the congregation

Buy a Shofar guide

While buying it, consider it size to get a quality sound. If you’re planning to use it during travelling, opt for small-sized ones. Medium shofars are outstanding for synagogue use. Avoid buying very small ones as they are difficult to use. Whatever site you choose, make certain that it is authentic. It’s because only authentic sites will test the product before shipping to check whether it has any blockage.

Types of sounds emanated from Shofar

The Shofar gives out five different types of sounds. The four kinds of sounds that are typically given out by Shofar include Teruah, Tekiah, Tekoah Gedolah and Shevarim. The sound Teruah seems like an alarm and the Shofar is played with brief notes played more than nine times, at times, even more. The Tekiah appears like the explosion of a bomb and it is played without a break. The Tekiah Gedolah is maybe one of the most discrete sounds that emanate from a Yemenite Shofar and it is tantamount to an explosion sound of a bomb. Unlike other types of sounds emanated from Shofars, and in order to create the ideal sound from Tekiah Gedolah sound, a person requires a rigorous practice. Shevarim, the ultimate sound, is characterized by three varied calls and is tantamount to the sound made from a sigh. The consecutive series of sounds made from a chofar is Tekiah, Shevarim, Teruah and Tekiah Gedolah.

Why buy a shofar from an Israel-based online store?

If you just focused on buying a Shofar from an Israel-based online store, there are lots of sellers selling shofar online allowing you to purchase your favorite shofar at the most decent price rates. Israel-based online shofar sellers, particularly the experienced ones, are very honest and always sell authentic shofars, So the next time while you want to purchase a Shofar online, consider online Israel-based store, which is a well-thought-of and experienced one. A shofar is a type of classical music instrument which is made from the ram's horn. The horn is cored out and it is blown considering the ritual during certain holy days such as Yom Kippur and Rosh Hashanah. Incidentally, shofar, the religious music instrumental is not owned by every Jew however since it is indeed a very special item, it is passed on from generation to generation. If you tend to buy shofars for you then you will have to give a scrupulous attention to every detail of the instrument; shofars are rare items and are available at very costly prices.

How Yemenite Shofars are Different from the others?

Like all other shofars from Israel, the Yemenite one is very instrumental for Jews in reflecting on their life. This instrumental is also instrumental in promoting one's personal development for the future. This ancient piece of Jewish instrument basically stands for spiritual conviction and credence amongst all the Jews not only residing in Israel but also all over the world. However, Yemenite shofar is different from the others in the following way: In addition to its larger appearance, yemenite shofar also has a genteel exterior that extends from its middle portion to its mouthpiece. The residual part of this instrument has a normal texture and finish.