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About Rabbi Azulay Rabbi Azulay is a direct descendent of the holy "H.I.D.A". In his youth, the Rabbi studied at the famous Kabbalist Rabbi Yehuda Elizur, god bless his memory. The Rabbi's goal was to become a Torah scribe, writing phylacteries and Mezuzahs. While writing, The Rabbi noticed he possess mystical powers and realized his destiny was to help people. The Rabbi describes these powers as gift from heaven. After Rabbi Yehuda Elizur passed away, Rabbi Eliahu continued his Kabbalah studies with other famous Kabbalists such as Rabbi Moshe Kordovo and Rabbi Moshe Zekato.
Using his special abilities, Rabbi Eliahu has helped a many people, including many other Rabbis.
Today, Rabbi Azulay prays near the holy "H.I.D.A" grave and prepares special Kabbalah talismans for health, business success, finding spouse, etc.

For the first time ever you have the opportunity to get to know the person who writes your tefillin according to a special kabbalistic method.
These Pshutot Mehudarim tefillin are written by Rabbi Eliyahu based on the kabbalah in accordance with your name.
Each pair of tefillin is customized. You can also ask for various blessings such as success, health, finding a spouse etc and Rabbi Eliyahu will pray for you while writing the tefillin Rabbi Eliahu Azulai has been practicing Kabbalah for over 40 years, helping people all over the world.
The Rabbi is making tefillin and mezuzah in special kabbalah way.
Superior Tefillin made by Rabbi Eliahu Azulai in Israel, the Tefillin are 100% Kosher, proofread by the Rabbi.
The best tefillin you can find.
Please write in the comments if you are Righty- If you are a right-handed, you wear the tefillin on the left arm. Lefty - If you are a left-handed, you wear the tefillin on the right arm.

Who is Rabbi Azulay?
Rabbi Azulay is a Kabbalist practicing Jewish mysticism.

Different problems the Rabbi can help with:
Health, finance, matchmaking, fertility, business and personal success etc.

How can I contact the Rabbi?
To contact the Rabbi, please send us an email.
The Rabbi will examine the situation and recommend a solution. .

Please send any other questions via email.