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Shofar blowing

Shofar blowing is integrated in synagogue services on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. It is used to signal the end of the fast at Yom Kippur and is sounded at four specific junctures in the prayers at Rosh Hashanah. The Tokea is the expert who blows, blasts or sounds the shofar and being one is a great honor. It is a sacred office that every male Jew is eligible for, as long as he is accepted by the congregation. The most common type is the Ram’s Horn Shofar, although, traditionally they are made from any horn of the bovidae (any cloven-hoofed animal) family, except that of the cow, and are used for Jewish religious reasons. The Yemenite Shofar comes froman African Kudu. All the shofars in meet all Jewish Laws and have gone througha strict veterinarian sterilization process.

There are a variety of times throughout the year where the Shofar is blown for assorted Jewish festivals. The blowing of the Shofar ushers in Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur and calls the congregation to prayer for the holy day. It’s also used during Passover at different times during the festival. The Shofar is usually made from the horn of a ram (not an antler because those are bone and solid instead of hollow), and they still need to be cleaned at different times because they will pick up assorted unpleasant odors. The recommended steps to clean the Shofar are as follows: 1. Use a mixture of baking soda and water, or vinegar to rinse the inside of the Shofar. (If the odor remains after rinsing the inside a couple of times, stop up the mouthpiece with paper towels or tissue paper, stand it up on the end, and use baking soda to half fill the horn. Let it set for about 12 hours, then empty the baking soda, and rinse it again with water. 2. For the outside of the Shofar, use a damp cloth to gently wipe it to remove any dirt or dust. Be very careful to use a very soft cloth that won’t scratch the Shofar. 3. Use a pipe cleaner that is moistened with warm water to clean the mouthpiece. 4. Store the Shofar horn in a special Shofar bag when it is not being used, and don’t clean it with chemicals or submerge it in water or use abrasive cleaners. There are assortments of Shofar for sale that are Kosher Shofars or Yemenite Shofars. To ensure that the Shofar is kosher, there should be a certificate (called a hecksher) attached to the sheep, goat, or antelope horn. It should also indicate who made the Shofar, and ensure that there was no glue, lacquer, or other coatings on it that contain renderings from swine. The tones coming from the Shofar should be pleading and powerful, calling the congregation to prayer, and the Yemenite Shofars have some of the best sounds with gentle spirals and beautiful designs. There are some great Shofar on sale on-line and you can find the prefect one in

Shofar Sound

The shofar sound size is relative to the shofar size. Bigger the size better is the shofar sound. Hence it is advisable to choose a bigger shofar for a better shofar sound. The shofar is designated as big or small depending upon the size of the curvature and is not measured from tip to tip. It is important to have an idea abut the relative size of the shofar.

Pick Your Shofar from Different Types Available

Shofar is a religious trumpet that is blown when people pray. The Jewish community have a special place for it. Ancient shofar was composed mainly of a horn of ram.
Therefore, it reminds one of the ram that Abraham, after offering his son Issac to God, received as a gift from Him. Except cow, you can use any animal horn to make it.
As for instance, Yemenite or Kudu shofar are made from Kudu and are quite big in size. Buy shofar online to get struck by the choices. Some of its common types are listed below.
Ram’s Horn Shofar: By far, the most common is the Ram’s Horn Shofar. Both Sephardic and Ashkenazic use it extensively. Generally, they have bright colours. But, when made off black ram, then it will be black. While browsing, you will come across a wide range of its textures and finishes. However, it has one disadvantage. They limit sounds. 
Yemenite Shofar: A horn of Kudu antelope is used to make a Yemenite Shofar. Most of these have spiral-shaped and are long as compared to its other rivals. There’s no dearth of colour, finishes, and textures, when it comes to selecting your shofar.


Technique to design a shofar

When it comes to designing a chofar, in general, kosher animals such as ram and kudu are used. Among the animals, ram is commonly used and with this in mind, a kosher shofar is also called ram's horn Shofar. The key requirement when it comes to making a Shofar is that the animal’s horn should not be made from bone. As an alternative, it should be made of cartilage. With the view to making yo ram's horn Shofar, it is a must to boil it in hot water for several hours, followed by rigorous cleaning of cartilage from horn innards. Subsequently, the ram's horn Shofar and the Yemenite shofar should be cut and bored to ensure the apposite texture and contour is there. The mouthpiece of the Shofar should also be shaped perfectly to ensure it could be played readily.

How to purchase a Shofar online

When it comes to purchasing a Shofar, there are a handful of things to be kept in mind. It is a very good idea to purchase a Shofar online since several websites nowadays are selling genuine Yemenite Shofars. The ideal shofar is the larger Shofars since they are relatively easier to play. Ensure that you invest your time in selecting the ideal Yemenite Shofar since these last for a very long time so it naturally follows that you want the very best! Just make sure to purchase the instrument from a dependable and well-thought-of company online.

Types of Shofar:

You can purchase the shofar easily from any online shopping site because of its availability in all that places. Whenever you are going to buy a shofar then firstly you think about the decision of which shofar is good for you. You have to select from the several types of shofar according to your need. The shofar is available in different shapes such as the long, short, curly, curved, and the straight shofars and in colors it may be of brown, beige, black, and the mixture of all colors. The selection is made by the buyer according to his choice of shape and color.

Custom Made Designs:

The Israel shofars are designed from handmade craft such as hand painting, knitting, and using handmade tools for its development. The old tools are used for cutting a chofar and giving it a smooth and styling look. Due to its religious Importance, it is colored with historical paintings drawn on its surface or providing it a captivating looks.

Commonly Used Shofar:

In Jewish culture, the shofar is used in most of its religious occasion from day one. The most common types of shofar which are sold in the markets and used commonly are ram’s horn shofar, Yemenite shofar, and kosher shofar. They are made up of horns of a ram, kudu and kosher. Basically, a perfect shofar if called a kosher shofar which is obligated by the Jewish religion. The ram’s horn shofar is considered as classic and traditional shofar and used most commonly. It is available in a flat format, in light a radiant color and also in black. The Yemenite shofar is designed from the horn of an animal called kudu and mostly found in the spiral format. Both of the rams horn shofar and Yemenite shofar are kosher shofars if they are designed as per the holy instruction.

Where to Buy Shofar?

If you are thinking to buy a shofar for yourself or as a gift for your friend or relative then Shofar is a perfect item for a gift. Buy shofar online from any land-based shofar store. In online shopping search for Shofar or chofar and it will prompt you with all the possible results. Select and see all the displayed shofars and set your categories such as Ram shofar, Yemenite shofars or any other. If you want to buy Israel shofar than search with shofar from Israel and it will show you the list of Israel shofar.

It means adding or crafting the chofar with an expensive metal such as gold and sterling silver. The shofar is covered with these precious metal and unique designed are crafted using special tools. You can see designs of a lion and many other historical patterns crafted on to these metals and then chofar is wrapped into it. In paintings, the pictures related to Jewish religion is painted on the shofars with beautiful colors such as blue, red, yellow and much other shades for giving it a bright look. Due to these specialties, Israel shofars are sold online at reasonable prices. If you are seeking to buy an Israel shofar you can check its category in shofars for sale and select your desired chofar for blowing on holly occasion. So start your special holly moments with a sweet sound of the shofar and get blessed by God every time.

Shofar historical significance

The history of Shofars from Israel is said to go back a long way and the terms can also be found mentioned several times in the Holy Bible, especially in the Torah and Talmud. During Exodus, according to religious beliefs, Moses is said to have blown one from the top of Mt. Sinai to collect all Israelites. It is from this time that this horn has made away into the rich traditions of the Jewish people. The chofar during the Biblical era were said to be used for marking days of fasting as well as New Year’s Day. The New Year witnesses playing of a golden mouthpiece in the Jerusalem Temple, while on all days of fasting, silver mouthpiece is used. These horns during modern times are blown as a mark of Rosh Hashanah as well as to mark the completion of fasting period on Yom Kippur day.

Purchase authentic shofars online

Shofar and tallit according to experts is considered to be a Biblical musical instrument that plays significant role in Judaism. This wind instrument made from animal horn is blown by Jewish devotees to create amazing musical sounds. The horn is typically blown during Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur. There are many Jews who desire to buy shofars from Israel to practice and learn blowing it the correct way. However, the lay man is sure to be challenged, since he does not know where to buy an authentic one.