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An astonishing Talit in its unique design interwoven with Jewish symbols of the Jewish life. Combined together, these symbols form a window into the Jewish tradition: the Menorah, Star of David, the precious stones and the Rimon all surround the Chai blessing that is rooted so strongly in the Jewish tradition through all its generations. In three different amazing colors and sizee, also available for this Talit a matching bag and Kipa of same color and design. Young, modern and new.
Hand Made Techelet Blue Thread is made of hand made strings, which are dyed under the supervision of the Admor of Radin. Hand Made Blue Thread comes only with Hand Made White Tzitzit. Machine Made blue thread comes from the tzitzit Supplier and all machine made tzitzit with additional techelet blue thread will come with machine made blue thread. 
If no blue thread is ordered, the standard white tzitzit is machine made. Hand made white tzitzit has to be ordered separately.
  • Sizes are approximate.
  • Available: Matching Bag&Kipa
  • Tallit comes with kosher certificate.